Copyright an entire website to PDF

Many of our customers have come to us for help with copyrighting their entire website. In those cases they would want to have PDFs of all their web pages that look as closely to their website as possible.

For this we offer our automatic do-it-yourself tool, but we also offer a priced service to do this for you. The latter may be especially useful if you have lots of (>500) pages or pages with certain limitations (protected pages / specific layout requirements etc). In any case - there will only be very rare cases where we can't get your PDFs to look perfect!

Here's what our website to PDF conversion process offers.

  • An simple and fast website to pdf process for small or uncomplicated websites
  • A priced service on request for larger and/or complicated sites
  • The same look of your website's pages in PDF format as in the browser
  • All your PDFs nicely packed in one or more ZIP files
  • All your PDFs time stamped or otherwise marked if needed
  • Very quick turnaround time and no need for you to wait online!

What does the US copyright office expect?

The copyright office describes the requirements for copyrighting a website on their website and in detail in Circular 66, Copyright Registration of Websites and Website Content.

Some important quotes from their documentation are:

  • PDF format is the preferred means for submitting deposits of websites and website content
  • If you want to register an entire website, you must submit all of the pages as they actually appear on the site, regardless of volume
  • Each new version of a website is considered a separate work for purposes of registration

So this basically means the US copyright office accepts and recommends PDF as the format for delivering your website's pages. In case you have many pages they also accept a ZIP file with those PDFs. The great thing about this is our service automatically generates a zipfile with all the pages for you!

If you want to do this excerise regularly then it's worthwhile to get a subscription with us or to contract our services on a periodic basis. Of course we can timestamp all your PDFs easily so that they can be associated with the time the website was live.

Got more questions?

We are happy to help you with any questions you may have. Please feel free to drop us a line in the box on the right.

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