Usage Restrictions

We apply limits to the amount of PDFs that you can create with our servers. This is especially true for free users. When you exceed these limits you maybe blocked from our service temporarily or permanently. You will see a message on our home page if your IP address is blocked and if your license is overrun we'll send you an email.

The following is a list of reasons that can get you blocked.

  1. You are a free user and convert an excessive amount of PDFs or PDFs that take longer than 60 seconds to process
  2. You are a free user or personal browser license holder and try to access the service other than manually, for example with scripting / WGET etc
  3. You are a business license holder and have used your alotted quota

If you have a business license you can upgrade/downgrade your plan at any given time. Just cancel your current one if you used up your quota and sign up for a new one!

Conversion Restrictions

The conversion process can fail in certain situations or the result may not be exactly what you expected. Here are some of the most common reasons:

  1. Your page is too large or loads to slow - we stop each conversion process after 60 seconds
  2. Your page has errors or is behind a login screen, such as your mailbox or your Amazon shopping cart - you will typically see the login screen in the PDF.
    In lots of cases you can still convert these pages if you have a paid license.
  3. Your page uses Flash or your page is already a PDF

Limit Overrun

If you have a license for automatic PDF creation with our service, then you will be able to create a certain number of PDFs per month - depending on the license that you purchased. By default you will be notified when you're close to hitting your limit. In our members area you can configure at which percentage of your limit you'd like to get an email.

Once you hit your monthly limit you will receive another email and then no longer be able to use our API or other automatic tools for the rest of the month. In our members area you can then choose to self-upgrade on the "Upgrade" tab so that your account is unlocked again.

All upgrades are processed immediately so you don't lose any connectivity to the service.

In case you don't want to be bothered with usage limits, we also offer unrestricted accounts. We'd be happy to work with you to get the best out of our service - just send us an email.

Help, I've been blocked!

If your IP address is blocked then it's because of one of the reasons on the left. If you feel this is incorrect or if you want to lift your limits then you can do the following.

  1. If you're NOT a license holder and you want to use our service, please sign up for a license. Your IP will be unblocked when you log in to the members area.
  2. If you are a browser license holder then please log in to unblock your IP.
  3. If you are a business license holder and you're using the API then please contact us to resolve the situation.

Note that we can NOT respond to inquiries from non license holders who are blocked and simply want to be unblocked.