Put a 'Save as PDF' link on your website

With a business license you can put a link on your website that lets visitors save your web pages as PDF with a single click. It literally takes only two minutes for you to implement and offers great flexibility and power! All you need to do is put the following link on your web pages.

<a href="https://pdfmyurl.com/saveaspdf?url=YOUR_URL_HERE">Save this page as PDF</a>

By changing the url parameter (where it says YOUR_URL_HERE above) you can let your visitors download specific pages of your website easily. Here's an example of how it would work if we would to have the page https://pdfmyurl.com/faq downloaded as PDF.

<a href="https://pdfmyurl.com/saveaspdf?url=https%3A%2F%2Fpdfmyurl.com%2Ffaq">Download the FAQ page as PDF</a>

Note that you need to URL encode the url parameter so that the URL arrives properly on our end. You can easily do this with a little JavaScript for the current page like this for example:

<a href="javascript:location.href='https://pdfmyurl.com/saveaspdf?url='+escape(location.href)">Download this page as PDF</a>

You can easily control the layout of the PDF by setting defaults in our members area. You can also control the layout of the PDF by adding parameters to the URL from the following table as well as all parameters that are used in our API.

urlThe page on your website, which you want to convert. If you don't specify this, then we convert the page that the link is on.
Note that you must encode the URL to make sure it's used correctly. This site can help you do so.
page_sizePDF page format such as A3, A4 etc. You can find a full list of allowed values here
orientationPDF page orientation, either portrait or landscape
widthWidth of the PDF, in case you don't specify a standard page size
heightHeight of the PDF, in case you don't specify a standard page size.
If you specify a width, but no height, then we convert your page to one long single page PDF!
topTop margin in unit
bottomBottom margin in unit
leftLeft margin in unit
marginMargin margin in unit
unitUnit for page sizing and margins, can be mm, in or pt. Default is mm
headerHeader with markup, page number etc, see the header and footer documentation for more information
footerFooter with markup, page number etc, see the header and footer documentation for more information
contentControls which content of the page you want to convert or exclude. See part of page conversion for more info.
css_media_typeSet to print if you want to use the print friendly version of your web page
filenameSet the filename for the PDF
titleSet the title for the PDF
inlineDisplay the PDF inline in the browser instead of as popup to save

Important usage instructions

If you acquired a business license and you want to use this functionality, then you need to be aware of the following things:

  1. If you want to use this on web pages that are not accessible from the internet or in secure members area, then please use our API instead. We've setup a great JavaScript example that let's you get started in a few minutes.
  2. When your visitors click a save as PDF link, the url parameter must have a valid - url encoded - URL. This helps us determine your page and match it the domains in your members area settings.
  3. After you acquire the business license, you need to set the domain(s) of your website(s) in our members area. This allows us to tie your subscription to the web pages that are being converted.